Christine Curcio

Christine Curcio

Christine Curcio, BSN, RN

Med/Surg 2nd Floor
Abington Lansdale Hospital Jefferson Health
Lansdale, Pennsylvania
United States
Chris wears her heart on her sleeve and a tear in her eye; along with giving compassionate care.

I would like to thank Chris Curcio for being an Extraordinary Nurse. Chris has been witnessed numerous times showing her compassion for patients by always greeting them with a friendly smile and has a talent for bedside nursing. The other week, Chris made a difference with a patient that I will never forget.

Chris had been caring for an elderly woman, A, who was admitted to the hospital with nausea and vomiting. Chris was at A's bedside most of the night; she knew it was a priority due to the fact that A felt very sick. The vital signs and monitors did not show any real signs of danger, but Chris used her nursing intuition and realized that the patient was in a bad place and she stayed with the patient for most of her shift. A kept apologizing for taking up so much of Chris's time. I witnessed Chris saying "A, I am here for you...I won't leave you...we love you". A could barely speak or keep her eyes open but she was able to give Chris a smile because she knew that Chris was an angel in disguise.

Chris kept open communication with the doctor and provided support and empathy with A. Some nurses may harden themselves to protect their own feelings, but Chris wears her heart on her sleeve and a tear in her eye; along with giving compassionate care. Thanks to her quick responsiveness and communication with the doctor, A was able to move to the next level of care while Chris maintained a calm attitude throughout the situation. Even though Chris did not agree 100% with the doctor, she respected his decisions and worked together to take care of the patient. After Chris's hectic and draining shift, she realized that all her hard work pays off when her patients smile at her knowing they feel safe in her care.