Christine Bauer

Christine Bauer, RN

University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center
Towson, Maryland
United States

Christine was at the Hunt Valley mall shopping with her husband and daughter when two ladies fell while using the escalator. They immediately came over to help the women who had injuries and needed immediate attention. She assisted the one woman with bleeding by using her daughter’s blanket and applying pressure. EMS was called and they were brought to the hospital for further care. Christine called many times to the daughter of the elderly woman to check on her condition while she was hospitalized. A thank you letter was sent to our CNO from the women that stated, “They are a credit to our community, their profession, and the human race. I am especially grateful for their kind and immediate help and feel it is important for you to know.” Anyone who knows Christine would not be surprised by her compassionate action. She is a poster child to the values of SJMC. Christine is such an asset to our unit. We are honored to say she works on our inpatient Pediatric unit. She goes above and beyond in her daily care of the sick children that we serve.