Christina Ledwith

Christina Ledwith

Christina Ledwith, RN,PCCN

White Plains Hospital
White Plains, New York
United States

Christina had a very septic patient whose family did not want him to suffer any more.

Christina facilitated palliative care with the new DNP and after making patient comfortable after terminal extubation she asked me if she could play him an Italian aria from her cell phone. She explained that he really liked a particular one and so I said yes she absolutely could go ahead and do that. She pulled up Pandora and found an Italian aria that his family said he loved and placed it on the night table beside his head - quietly playing in the back ground.

That gesture bought tears to my eyes for the gentleness and thoughtfulness she showed that patient who was actively dying. I wish you could have seen how touched the family were, when they all came back into the room, you could see them visibly take sighs of relief for how they saw their father lying peacefully. They were all crying and smiling and were so thankful to her for that simple act. An act that I am sure they will all remember for the rest of their lives.

Christina facilitated, for this family, such a life altering and stressful end of life decision so calm and peaceful for patient and the whole family, who left the ICU knowing that their loved one had received excellent care, and excellent end of life care.

A really simple gesture and act that went above and beyond.