Christina Cooper

Christina Cooper, RN BSN

C3 Innovation Unit
Florida Hospital Celebration Health
Celebration, Florida
United States

I had been in the hospital several times and I've interacted with many people who took care of me after surgeries, but today...I can say that I finally met the best and most compassionate nurse ever. Her name is Tina (Christina Cooper). She does her job because she does care for the people. I been an Executive Chef for almost 20 years and have been in the hospitality business for 30 years and I interacted with people from all over the world. I worked for big corporations including Marriot, Aramark and Disney, so I know about making our guest feel special and going above and beyond. Tina is all of the above.

I came here on Friday and had a procedure and the pain I was in was brutal because of my previous surgeries. I had 5 discs fused including L4 L5 s1 in 2013 and have been going thru pain management for over a year and currently taking pain medication every 4 hours and also morphine because it was not only for the surgery he performed but for my previous history. I asked the other nurse to help me out with my pain and they did what they thought was OK. So, my first night and second day was ugly and I was in pain all the time because it was out of control.

When Tina came I didn't even have to explain anything to her. I was prepared for another horrible painful night, but to my surprise, FINALLY someone who really understood my issues, followed Doctors orders, and not guessing or having doubt of the pain I was going thru. I was given the medications as prescribed without asking. I was so thankful for this new nurse, Tina, because she communicated with me as if I was her family and make me feel comfortable and I had piece of mind because I knew I was in good hands and I was going to be able to sleep finally. I talked to her and explained my concerns and just by talking to her I noticed quickly, the understanding made me feel so good and gain trust in the hospital staff.

Tina took care of my pain quickly and also made me feel safe and in good hands. She went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. She makes your hospital look good and brings faith to desperate people that come here looking for help.