Christina Carreon

Christina Carreon

Christina Carreon, RN, BSN

Medical Surgical
Saint Luke's East Hospital
Lee's Summit, Missouri
United States

I have had many hospitalizations over the last 13 years with very difficult and confusing issues. Christina NEVER once questioned my required medications, many of which can be stigmatized.

The nurses were good, but Christina went above and beyond to make me laugh; as she displayed the most compassion and non-judgmental attitude I've ever witnessed. She always had a smile on her face, and never made me feel bad about myself. Christina was compassionate and caring, did her job precisely without judgment, and kept my spirits up and as she said "we do the best we can... we just go with flow and listen carefully to your body." She was the epitome of the perfect nurse. Very skilled! I felt safe and knew that she would advocate for me.

I will not soon forget Christina and how she made me "feel" on the other side of the bed, at a time where you feel completely out of control. She did whatever she could to give me as much back as she could. She is a stellar nurse and I feel should be rewarded accordingly.

Congratulations Christina - we are so proud to work with you!