Christina Bryant

Tina Bryant

Christina Bryant, BSN, RN

Labor and Delivery
Sky Ridge Medical Center
Lone Tree, Colorado
United States
Tina's presence reassured me that I was in good hands.

Tina was my nurse after the birth of my daughter. I'd already had a D&C when she started her shift. I was still bleeding and Tina kept a watchful eye on me. After a few hours, Tina became concerned with the amount of blood I had lost and raised concern with the other nurses and doctors. Tina was always calm and reassuring. Even though I lost a lot of blood, I was not overly concerned about my health. I was given blood transfusions and Tina made sure everything was done properly. I then required an embolization. Tina stayed with me as they prepped me and throughout the procedure. She was with me in recovery. Her presence reassured me that I was in good hands. I was taken to the ICU after the procedure and had to leave Tina's care. She came to see me again after her next shift. I'm very grateful to have been under Tina's care.