Christina Bourque

Christina Bourque, RN

Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital
Downers Grove, Illinois
United States

Christina Bourque is a constant on the night shift. She is a resource and role model. She demonstrates the ability to, as a charge nurse, make it happen. What happens? Christina assures safe practices in the Neonatal Intensive Care Setting. She is clinically excellent and supports the team at all times. Recently one of the complex cases in the NICU-- born at the time of Christina's shift-- the baby was born with several unknown complications. Christina was there-- she handled the situation professionally and compassionately. She established a trusting relationship with the family and the subspecialty consultants. She was able to provide consistent care as she worked the next shift for 12 hours as well. This is when the next complication occurred-- requiring surgery to occur at the bedside in the NICU. She coordinated this at 11pm at night after a phone call that occurred minutes before. She utilized her skills of gathering the team and resources and again made it happen-- in fact the surgeon calling her the "Vanna White" of surgery. She had the forethought to involve the parents- assuring they held the baby before surgery-especially due to the fact that this surgery procedure would not allow them to hold their child afterwards. More complications and test results came back. Christina was there for the parents. The parents commented on this to me several times. She stayed the very morning after her shift to be part of the parent conference to deliver test results that ultimately determined this child’s fate. She again was there for the family and she embraced the family-- and tears were shed by all. The parents commented on the "caring" they continue to receive from Christina-- it has truly been felt and was visually evident as well. She allowed the parents to participate in care-- in the care that will come to an end soon-- she continued to support them in their decisions and desires. She allowed them to be "comfortable" in a very critical setting--and provided them an environment that allowed them to spend quality time with their child.