Christie Evans

Christie Evans

Christie Evans, RN, CCRN

4E - CCU
Mercy Hospital Springfield (MO)
Springfield,, Missouri
United States

My son was admitted to 4E ICU for a septic episode. He is 23, autistic, and non-verbal. We encountered many excellent staff during our multi-day stay but Christie was just amazing. She treated my son with compassion, always adjusting to his needs and treating him with respect. Christie always explained to us what labs she was drawing, what shot she was giving, what medicine she was dispensing - and always included why she was doing it. This was so comforting to us as parents. Christie was also very knowledgeable and answered our questions thoroughly and thoughtfully. She never made us feel like we were imposing on her time.

Another thing that Christie did, which also impressed us so much, was her attention to our son's vital signs and the changes in them. She clarified questions with us and didn't hesitate to contact the doctor when she knew something wasn't right. We never had to alert her when Aaron spiked a fever or had changes in his respirations because she was always on top of it. When an imaging test was necessary, she made it happen and kept us informed of what each next step would be, including the amount of time we would be waiting.

Christie met and exceeded every expectation we had. She made my son as comfortable as possible and as his parents we truly felt that she cared about him. We so appreciate everything she did.