Chris Vance

Chris Vance

Chris Vance, RN

CHI Franciscan Health - St. Francis Hospital
Federal Way, Washington
United States

Last April, I came to the emergency room because I had a headache and my neck hurt. By the time I got here my vision had altered and it was making me sick when I opened my eyes.

I was sitting at the ER triage desk with my eyes closed as Chris was just walking through. He told me later that he was looking for some equipment, taking out the garbage or something. He stopped when he saw me and asked what was going on.

I told him I couldn’t see and that my neck was killing me. Chris immediately knew something serious was going on, he took me right back to a room. Within 10 minutes Chris had an IV started, the doctor was into see me and was sent for a CT scan, this was all before I was even checked in. After the CT, I remember Chris telling me that something was definitely going on in my brain. It turned out to be an aneurysm. I don’t remember much after that point.

I found out later that Chris had somehow talked the King County paramedics into taking me to St. Joseph Hospital because he didn’t want me to wait here for the ACLS ambulance to arrive so within 45 minutes Chris and I were on our way to St. Joseph Medical Center. From the back of the ambulance Chris was giving the driver directions to the hospital as he and the paramedics were managing my airway. He said it was a very rough ride.

This is a very condensed version of the events that day. Chris not only saved my life but he gave me the chance for a full recovery. Chris is an awesome example of a nurse that will do anything to save his patients. He is my hero.

Thank you Chris!