Chris Pavlick

Chris Pavlick, RN,

Acute Rehab
St. Elizabeth Health Center
Youngstown, Ohio
United States

This nomination came from a patient who wrote:

I was being transferred from an out of town hospital following scoliosis surgery to the acute rehab center at St. Elizabeth. It was taking a lot longer than it should have and my mother called from her home in Florida, trying to locate me. Chris answered the phone and did not have any knowledge about me , but she assured my mother that she would call her as soon as I arrived. My mother thought she would not hear back from anyone and she would again be searching later for me. Once I got to that unit, Chris was right on top of everything and told me my mother was looking for me. My mother was shocked when Chris actually called her long distance and then she even transferred the call to me so I could talk to my mother. . Chris was so friendly and so willing to help us with this communication. Her kindness really put my mother at ease during this stressful time being so far apart.

Submitted by a patient

The former patient was contacted to inform her that Chris did receive the DAISY nomination. She stated that she would really like to be present for the presentation, but she is still unable to drive and isn’t back to full recovery just yet but was so glad to hear of this. She also said that she wasn’t even sure if Chris would remember her, but she definitely remembered Chris. She said that she thought Chris was not aware of the wonderful thing that she did for her and her mother because it was just something she does everyday, but to her (the patient) and her mother, it was something that wowed them.