Cheryl Waite

Cheryl Waite, RN

Beaumont Hospital Troy
Troy, Michigan
United States

Cheryl Waite, RN – The Troy Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nurses – August 2009 – Troy Beaumont Hospital

A letter from a 5MS patient’s son commented that Cheryl Waite, RN is someone he believed should be recognized for her efforts in caring for his family. Ms. Waite was different right from the start, as she had an obvious sense of humor and pleasant persona. She engaged with his Mom in an empathetic way and listed to her concerns. More importantly she addressed them in a timely and professional fashion. To his request for assistance on understanding his mom’s situation, she handled the situation very well and took action to track down the night attending physician. She got him directly in touch with the physician to help him understand his mom’s current condition and the plans for her, so he could alleviate both his parents and his concerns.

He felt that Cheryl deserves special recognition for her actions and her approach. She was a true healthcare professional. She took time in the midst of her obviously high workload to listen to their concerns and took action to address them, all with outward heartfelt warmth. Ms. Waite’s actions left him with a continued positive view of Beaumont and the key personnel in it. She is a team member of which to be very proud.