Cheryl Lane-Lanier

Cheryl Lane-Lanier, RN, ADN

Oakwood Healthcare System
Dearborn, Michigan
United States

Cheryl graduated from Wayne County Community College in 1996 and has been employed here at Oakwood since 1980. She started her career as a nursing assistant and then became an RN.
Clinical Manager, Diane Lopez says that Cheryl is devoted to her unit, and teammates. Her patients love her. She is so very kind and attentive. Her co-workers love when she is here, as they can always count on her. She is patient, kind and caring. She handles difficult situations very delicately, and has a good rapport with families and patients. She is an excellent clinician and we are so happy that she is part of the 3 south family. Cheryl is part of our recruitment and retention committee, ACLS certified and the heart of 3 South.
Cheryl recently received a letter from the Michigan Eye Bank congratulating her on the initiation of a miraculous series of events that brought the gift of sight. Her willingness to work with the Michigan eye bank and in supporting a grieving family’s wish to donate tissue enabled them to provide the tissue for a woman in Muskegon and a woman from Portland, Maine.

Cheryl’s nomination for the DAISY Award comes from the following:
Here is what a patient’s daughter wrote about Cheryl:
My Dad has been in Oakwood Hospital many times in the past year, and I have never seen a nurse with more kindness and compassion than Cheryl. She was wonderful to my father and to the rest of our family. She is a very gifted nurse and we can't thank her enough for the care she gave my father during the last couple days of his life. Whenever she did anything to him she whispered in his ear even though he was medicated to keep him comfortable. She treated my Dad with dignity and respect. It warmed our hearts to see her take care of my Dad. Thank You, The Family of Ralph H.