Cheryl Alessandrini

Cheryl Alessandrini

Cheryl Alessandrini, RN

Shock Trauma Unit
Crozer-Chester Medical Center
Upland, Pennsylvania
United States

I've had the pleasure of working with Cheryl since I was a fourth-year medical student and these last two years as a resident. Cheryl's performance is second to none. She is caring, engaged, intelligent, kind, and always very helpful. Cheryl is undoubtedly dedicated to providing the best patient care possible. When Cheryl is with a patient, she knows every little detail down to the date and time of when lines/Foleys were inserted. Cheryl is respectful, an excellent communicator, and always willing to help others.


Cheryl is a remarkable nurse and a true patient advocate. She goes the extra step for each patient she cares for and brings positive energy to our unit whenever she is working. Cheryl's dedication to her profession is her nature. She is without a doubt a nurse I would want to care for myself and my family.