Cherilyn Campbell

Cherilyn Campbell, RN, MSN

1400 Med-Surg
University Medical Center of Southern Nevada
Las Vegas, Nevada
United States
All the nurses that know Cherilyn, know that she goes more than the extra mile.

Cherilyn shows the qualities consistent with UMC values, culture, role model, and mentor as well as an excellent professional attitude. She motivates everyone to come to work and solve every little or big problem without stressing you out. She is an extraordinary nurse. She is always accessible, day and night. She can wheel patients down, she can put patients in the bathroom, she can be a sitter, she can be a unit clerk, a staff Nurse, a charge, and an excellent manager.

When staffing is a problem, Cherilyn can motivate almost everyone to work. It's hard to say no when she asks you to do something for the nursing profession. She is a perfect example of an excellent Nurse Leader. All the nurses that know her, know that she goes more than the extra mile. Since she became our manager our unit 1400 Med- Surg is totally different. I can say it's the best unit to work in. I am so thankful, that she is our manager.