Chelsey Frydenlund

Chelsey Frydenlund

Chelsey Frydenlund, BSN, RN

Sanford Medical Center - Fargo
Fargo, North Dakota
United States
Chelsey was able to calm and keep my daughter sleeping through some assessments.

From our first meeting her to the present, Chelsey has treated us and our daughter with dignity and respect. I don't know our exact first-time having Chelsey as our nurse but that meeting and night with her were great. She was training a gentleman that day. She took the time to explain things to him but to me as well. She showed me the sponge bath and explained why and what they are listening for at each assessment. The next time we had her she wasn't training, and we only had her for the night shift. Chelsey was able to calm and keep my daughter sleeping through some assessments. Chelsey always took extra time and care with her, that alone makes a Mom feel good.

Today, Chelsey is our nurse after having a spell in the PICU and needing to come back to the NICU. Chelsey asked me questions to get caught up, she made sure that I know what was going on via lab and x-ray. Chelsey saw an issue with the IV and fixed it. She always checked to see if I wanted to help. Any time I expressed concern she listened and never dismissed me. Those concerns she agreed with were pushed through to the providers.

My daughter is calm and relaxed with Chelsey and that alone makes me know that I am able to leave if I must. Today I left for a few hours and came back to the care channel one and the music in her crib. She was swaddled ever so tight. You could tell Chelsey took the time to make my daughter feel loved. From the start of a shift to the finish, you know that Chelsey puts her "all" right there for you and your NICU baby.