Chelsey Carter

Chelsey Carter

Chelsey Carter, RN

Sanford Medical Center - Fargo
Fargo, North Dakota
United States

My sister-in-law was a patient on 3 East-ICU arriving late Saturday/early Sunday, November 8/9 and she died on Monday, November 10th. During my family's time at the hospital I was so impressed with the great care that my sister-in-law received as well as our family (there were many of us at the hospital throughout the day Sunday and Monday). In particular was the care that my sister-in-law and my brother received from her primary nurse, Chelsey Carter. As a pastor for almost 25 years I have spent many hours in hospitals with patients and their families, many times at the bedside of loved ones who have died. Never, to the best of my memory, have I experienced the exceptional care that my family received from Chelsey. Her compassion for my sister-in-law and husband and the kids, and the rest of the family; her understanding of the situation; her presence to us; and the list can go on, were like none that I have ever experienced. I cannot thank her enough for all that she did to help us through this difficult time. Her care was without a doubt EXCEPTIONAL!

I knew that I needed/wanted to do something to show her my gratitude for all that she did; it was then that I learned of the DAISY Award. It is with great honor that I nominate Nurse Chelsey from 3 East ICU as a deserving recipient of the DAISY Award. May she continue to show such extraordinary care to her patients and may she receive this well-deserved award. God's blessings on Chelsey and all of the nurses at Sanford with heart-felt gratitude, in the name of Christ,

Very Rev. J.R.