Chelsea Williamson

Chelsea Williamson

Chelsea Williamson, BSN, RN

Medical/Surgical Unit
Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
United States

Chelsea is a strong leader on the night shift and an excellent nurse. Chelsea is calm and thoughtful, and she uses these assets to best care for her patients and in her role as a charge nurse.

Chelsea often cares for the most critically ill patients on the unit, and she does an excellent job of balancing the needs of her patients and their families, as well as communicating with the medical team as needed. In situations when a patient has required 2 on 1 nursing care, Chelsea's nursing skills and approach exemplifies nursing excellence. She does a great job communicating with parents: what is currently going on with their child, the plan for the night, and answering any questions the family has. She also has a complete understanding of the patient's medical diagnosis and uses her critical thinking skills to quickly assess what is needed for her patients minute by minute in crucial moments. Additionally, it's the little things Chelsea does for her critically ill patients without even thinking about it that are so powerful. She takes the time to put the patient's favorite lotion on and read their notes and cards to them, knowing that the personal touches are just as important as the medications and interventions.

Chelsea has assumed the role of consistent relief charge nurse. She has strong communication skills with her fellow nurses, relief charge nurses on other units, the patient care director, and the critical care attending to assist in placing patients on the unit. Chelsea is a resource for other charge nurses on West 5 and the other critical care units. Chelsea is also in charge of reviewing incident reports on West 5, and she works closely with the supervisors to keep incidents from repeating.