Chelsea Norris

Chelsea Norris, RN

Pediatric Homecare
ChildServe Center - Johnston
Johnston, Iowa
United States
Our lives can carry on with everyone’s needs being met because we have Chelsea.

Chelsea has been the nurse for our son, A, longer than anyone we’ve ever had.  She deeply loves our son, and we love her just as much back!  I never have to worry about A when I leave the house.  She does his therapy exercises with him every day and he tolerates it for longer periods because of how she reads his cues and makes everything a game.  It’s easier for A to get out into the community because of how helpful she is packing everything he needs.  She knows him so well at this point that she doesn’t even have to ask me what he will need on a trip.  She has sensed when I’m overwhelmed and offered to take over certain tasks like making calls to order medical supplies and following up with doctors’ offices.  She can tell when he’s getting sick and knows how to help him when he needs more suction or respiratory support.  She has faithfully covered open shifts when we were down a nurse or two.  I never feel uncomfortable with her in my home and I never get sick of her.  Our 4-year-old asks her if she can live here.  Our lives can carry on with everyone’s needs being met because we have Chelsea.  I’m 100% sure that in an emergency she would know what to do.  I bounce medical concerns off of her all of the time and she comes up with good questions to ask the doctor.  We just love her so much.  ChildServe has been her first pediatric homecare employer and A has been her first pediatric homecare patient, but she’s like a duck in water here.  She was made for pediatric homecare.  Our lives would be very different without her.