Chelsea Chen

Chelsea Chen, RN

Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Park Medical Center
Baldwin Park, California
United States

I was being treated for breast cancer and had to undergo an earlier than expected mastectomy due to the development of an unexpected blood clot.  Due to this complication, my mastectomy pre-op became more painful than expected.  You could say it even traumatized me.   Fortunately, my mastectomy was successful.  Shortly after discharge, I developed a new complication - a critically low hemoglobin count that got me re-admitted.  By now, my body just felt beat up and my spirit was low.  I was also now deathly afraid of needles and anything that would cause pain.  

I want to thank Chelsea Chen for her compassion and some of the things she did for me above and beyond the call of duty.  She took the time to listen to my concerns and felt my pain. Chelsea, without me asking, somehow or another found a way to get me an additional non-stock surgical bra/binder.  She was concerned about the soiled one that I had been using for several days.  It was such a physical and mental comfort to have that changed.  She also saw the drainage bulbs that were filled with blood clots, then pro-actively found and replaced the bulbs so we could get more accurate readings. She even made me a warm prune juice concoction that made me feel like I was being taken care of at home. She was very caring and sweet, and I felt I could ask her for anything and that made me feel so comfortable. She was just so happy to help me and to help me feel better.