Chelsea Brown

Chelsea Brown

Chelsea Brown, RN

Float Pool
CHI Good Samaritan - Kearney
Kearney, Nebraska
United States

Chelsea was the overnight nurse. She was very pleasant, paid attention to detail and was very caring. As my mother was dying we stayed with her around the clock. Chelsea was very compassionate and was always making sure mom was comfortable by turning her, changing sheets and bringing us sponges to keep her mouth moist.

She answered many questions that we had about what would happen and what was happening with her vitals, breathing etc. She was very patient with us because sometimes questions got asked more than once. The thing that sticks out the most to me even now, a month later and brings tears to my eyes:

Chelsea was around all evening and when she was giving report to go off shift mom passed away. Another nurse came in to see if we needed anything. But when Chelsea was again available she came into the room shut off the monitor and asked if there was anything she could do for us. She gave my sister and me hugs, while in her eyes were tears of compassion. That spoke to me how much she cares about people and how it affects her. She was such a blessing to our family.


My mom was a patient in the PCU and passed away there. Chelsea was my mom's overnight nurse those last few days. I cannot express how much my family and I appreciated having her as a nurse. It is clearly evident that Chelsea has a heart of gold! Her constant compassion and bedside manner towards my mom was outstanding. We appreciate her treating our mom with such care and dignity to the very end of her life. Chelsea was not only outstanding with mom, but also incredibly patient with our big and sometimes overwhelming family. She would answer questions, reassure us and offer anything we might need. I realize that being a nurse is a demanding, thankless and stressful job and dealing with end of a person's life can make it even more difficult. We appreciate her treating our mom, as I am sure, she would have treated her own. Chelsea is a truly amazing nurse, we are thankful that she shared her gift with us.