Charlotte Cantrell

Charlotte Cantrell, RN

Mother Baby Unit
Miami Valley Hospital

Charlotte Cantrell is an amazing nurse. She has and does contribute so much to our unit.

#1 – She helped do so much for EPIC. She worked to customize it for our unit. She would work on it extra time at home, even on her vacation.

#2 – She was recently featured in a video for MVH. She was part of a team that helped a mom and baby. The mom was transferred to the main hospital after becoming very ill.

#3 – She always makes sure her moms and babies are well taken care of. She will spend any amount of time she needs helping moms breastfeed and making parents feel comfortable. She gets to know them on a personal level. Patients love her and consistently write about her on our five star cards.

#4 – She loves her coworkers. We had been short staffed on night shift; she made phone calls and contacted people to cover shifts. No one asked her to do this.

#5 – She offered to rearrange her schedule and job share with another RN so she could remain on our unit. I asked her why she would make changes in her schedule to help a coworker. She said she would be willing to change her schedule and family life and not lose a nurse on our unit.

#6 – She is always and I mean ALWAYS happy and bubbly. She is always willing to help any of her coworkers and does it without complaint and with a smile on her face. Working with Charlotte is always fun!