Charles Cledera

Charles Cledera, RN

Summerlin Hospital Medical Center
Las Vegas, Nevada
United States

An elderly patient in this unit was attacked at his home leaving him a quadriplegic. He coded when attempting to stabilize him and ultimately we were unable to do anything for him. His family lives on the east coast and they are having a difficult time accepting their father’s condition and have yet come to Las Vegas to address his needs. This gentleman has a friend and granddaughter who visit occasionally but spends most of his time alone, intubated and unable to move. Charles Cledera has spent a lot of time caring for him over the past few weeks and discovered this gentleman was a classical and jazz pianist. One morning I came into the wonderful sound of Phantom of the Opera piano rendition pouring out of his room. Charles had brought his own CD player and his own copy of Phantom of the Opera to play it for the patient. This gentleman’s eyes were wide open and appeared to be listening to this wonderful music.

Charles always takes the extra step and goes the extra mile for his patients. His patients always have a shower cap on while he is giving a bath. He always going above and beyond to care for a person who needed a little extra TLC. Charles represents the compassion and special care all our patients deserve. We are happy to have him a part of our team.

This represents the facilities vision “Patients & Families are our Purpose” and is a true representation of a DAISY Nurse.  Please join me in congratulating Charles Cledera!