Charles Carroll

Charles "Ray" Carroll

Charles Carroll, ADN

Ascension St. Clare's Hospital
Weston, Wisconsin
United States

I was seen in the Emergency room at St. Clare’s and the entire staff was great.  There was a shift change while I was there, and Ray came in.  He is a RN, but he took the time to sit with us and just listen to things we had to say.  He listened to our personal stuff and he told us about himself.  He made the night go smoothly.

My daughter was tired, it was 12:30 am and they were going to give me an IV of potassium. Just Ray’s company gave her extra energy because we had a 40-minute ride home once released.  He took the time to walk my daughter to the door when she went to get the car and then walk me to the car.  He just made the ER visit enjoyable.  It was nice to be able to have staff that can do that.

Thank you, Ray, for the time spent with me and my daughter. I hope you get the cinnamon rolls!