Charleen Radecki

Charleen Radecki, RN

Emergency Department
Mercy Hospital of Buffalo
Buffalo, New York
United States
Char's skill set with hands on care is impeccable. She is the most caring person I know.

There really isn’t any one story that reflects why Char is such a special nurse. Char works as the Charge Nurse in the Emergency Department, and is the hardest working, most reliable and humble person I know. No matter how chaotic and overwhelming the ER gets Char always has a calm and reassuring demeanor that truly exemplifies a strong team leader. I look forward to working shifts with Char because I know that she truly cares about supporting the nurses and advocating for the patients in every way possible. There have been times when I feel on the edge of a breakdown, whether it is dealing with a difficult patient or a stressful situation of any kind, but knowing that I can come to Char with any problem or concern makes everything feel okay because she has a solution. Her presence is warm and comforting; she displays a non-judgmental and friendly attitude in every situation and it is extremely admirable. Char is so reliable and efficient.  Any issue that needs to be resolved will be handled all according to the right policy and within proper regulations of the hospital. If she doesn’t know something she makes sure to find the right answer every time. Not to mention her skill set with hands on care is impeccable. She is the most caring person I know. Every situation, from life to death, Char handles with the utmost grace and professionalism. She is smart, compassionate and embodies every aspect of an Extraordinary Nurse!