Char Liebeck

Char Liebeck, RN, CPN

Pediatric Medical Surgical Unit
Children's Hospital of Orange County
Orange, California
United States

Char has been a nurse at CHOC for 28 years. She is knowledgeable, compassionate, and a true leader.

A patient who is well known to us was facing yet another serious surgery. He was now eighteen, so as you can imagine it wasn’t cool for him to show his fear. His mother expressed her concerns to Char. Char’s immediate and compassionate response was to offer to be present in the operating room with this patient and accompany him through the entire post op process. As you would expect, Char, a well respected nurse, was eagerly welcomed into the OR by her colleagues.

I know of this story first hand as his mother told me in person how grateful she was for Char. The experience for this parent affirmed what a caring nurse Char is.

Char is a wonderful mentor and friend. She has helped struggling newer nurses succeed by offering to be their coach. Char has fostered compassion and dedication in others by being a role model. Nurses frequently consult Char for patient care decisions. Char’s efforts outside of her busy hospital life include administering flu shots to the homeless as well as conducting diaper drives for those in need just to mention a few. Char is truly deserving of this recognition.