Chantelle Browne

Chantelle Browne

Chantelle Browne, RN

Saint Peter's University Hospital (NJ)
New Brunswick, New Jersey
United States

Ms. N was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer. She was devastated and was discharged home for outpatient chemotherapy. She was later readmitted for side effects from her chemotherapy and pain management. Ms. N. had lost her husband a year prior to lymphoma. She was devastated that her husband did not get to see their son get married and the wedding was postponed for a later date. Needless to say, her son and fiance were upset, considering they postponed their wedding because of the death of their dad and now their mother was diagnosed with the same disease that took their dad. Ms. N's condition quickly deteriorated after multiple chemotherapy treatments. She developed a close relationship with some of her nurses and expressed to Chantelle Brown that she would love to have her son and future daughter-in-law get married at her bedside.

Chantelle Browne and Deisy Fijolek, two of her favorite nurses, quickly got into action and reached out to Food Services and Pastoral Care and a wedding was set to happen in two days. On the Saturday morning of the wedding, Chantelle came in with her babysitter and one year old twins who transformed the nurse's lounge into a playroom where the children stayed for six hours while Chantelle and Deisy got Ms. N ready for her son's big day.

The dress she had originally purchased for the wedding was now too tight due to the increase fluid retention and edema. Chantelle quickly got scissors and altered her dress and shoes that had to be cut in the back so they would fit. She applied her make-up and accompanied her in the wheelchair and stayed with her for the entire wedding and the reception in the Healing Garden. Deisy and Chantelle should be commended for their compassion and caring.