Celia Lett

Celia Lett

Celia Lett, RN, NP

Winship Cancer Institute
Emory Healthcare
Atlanta, Georgia
United States
Celia cares that I have peace and quality of life.

Celia's leadership is what keeps the nurses and her team cohesive and well running, considering the amounts of patients that the nursing staff sees and cares for daily. Celia always has a smile, a hello, and a question about your life and is so sincere and touching. You are not just a patient under her care. She remembers you. You become a person again. She dispenses the most life-saving drugs to patients immediately and sees that all protocols are met and each treatment suits that patient. The best things she gives you are good advice and life anecdotes.

My personal view of Celia is that there in no way I could have survived six months past my prognosis without her help. It was suggested I quit all treatment and go on hospice care. I was not ready to endure this being the end and so fighting harder became my mantra. I needed the help of Celia to do this. I had the chance of infections, complex picc lines, fever that reached over 105, was sent home with a DNR, but somehow I was back the next day. She empathizes to my symptoms and dispenses life-saving antibiotics and anti-virals as needed. She understands me on a personal level, having been a Veteran herself she understands some of the struggles PTSD can bring on and she does not wince at this in me. She cares that I have peace and quality of life and so she keeps in step with me to the cadence of my life. Like marching in the Navy together, we are marching me onward each week. I look forward to being alive and going to the infusion center. To hear Celia’s laugh a bay or two over warms my soul in a place where it is easy to loose warmth and much more.

Celia is able to help turn what seemed impossible into my daily life. I am almost three years since diagnosis, almost two years from transplant, a year and half past relapse, and six months past prognosis. Miracles that I could have never achieved without Celia Lett on my team as one of my life watchdogs. Celia’s beautiful smart soul saves lives every day.