Cathy Griffin

Cathy Griffin, RN, BSN, CCRN

Children's Hospital of Orange County
Orange, California
United States

The following Associate has been Nominated for the DAISY Award:



On a recent Saturday the 4th floor medical surgical unit had a unexpected death of a patient; a rare occurrence on med/surg. XXXXX came down from his/her duties in the PICU to help and support the 4th floor nursing staff through this unfamiliar situation. His/Her help and support was extraordinary. XXXXX's calm, thoughtful, sensitive, yet teaching approach made this event bearable for us without making us feel incompetent. We know XXXXX had other important priorities that Saturday but he/she made us feel like we and our patient were the only thing that mattered. XXXXX could have just told us what to do or where to find the policy that outlined the procedures that needed to be followed; instead XXXXX walked us through every step. All of us involved will not forget how much XXXXX helped us through our 1st patient death. We all hope if one day we need to help others through a similar situation we can do the same with such grace..

Submitted By: Jill Fargo - Medical Surgical - - ext/phone: 4078