Cathy Dial

Cathy Dial, RN

Aurora St. Luke's South Shore
Cudahy, Wisconsin
United States

"Cathy remembered me from my May hospital visit. I understand she was working over her shift when I was admitted. I would have never known because she took a lot of time to answer all my questions and gave me the attention I needed. Cathy was not the RN assigned to my room but still took the time to stop and say hello. Thank you Cathy for making me feel like more than just a patient. I felt like family".


"This nurse goes far beyond her call of duty. If it wasn't for Cathy Dial I would have walked out regardless of my health condition. She relaxed me and put a smile on my face. She had impeccable bedside manner and a warm embrace.

She goes to bat when she sees someone in need. She goes out of her way to make sure you are content and comfortable even if it's past shift change. I know twice now she has done this for me, her bedside manner is impeccable, when I was upset she stayed by my side until I was at ease! A genuine true hearted woman I especially like the fact that she doesn't treat me like I'm bothering her. She treats me as though I am #1. So I would like to say, from the bottom of my heart, that without you my stay would have been just horrible, but you made it so that I can bear it."


"Talk about outstanding! Today something bad happened to me where I was upset and in pain and emotional distress. She took me in her arms and she hugged the hurt right out of me, comforted me, and then dealt with the problem. She fixed it. I trust my life in her hands. Her sweetness and kindness helped me recover faster. She really cares about her patients and goes that extra mile. Her nursing shoe fits!"