Cathy Conklin

Cathy Conklin, BSN, RN

Case Management
Allegiance Health
Jackson, Michigan
United States

Cathy is an amazing asset to our team. She is the best RN/Case Manager I have ever worked with in my 15 years as a P.A. She routinely gives 150% every day. She pours through information for Medicare, trauma situations, etc., to make sure she is always up to speed on the newest requirements. She goes to bat for our patient with insurance companies on a daily basis to get the necessary care approved. She will even purchase items our indigent patients need from her own money. We ask so much of her and she always does even more than expected and with a smile. Her hard work has saved thousands of dollars for patients and this hospital. So much of the work is on her own time. Here are just two examples among countless possibilities:

1. We had a homeless, uninsured trauma patient with a traumatic brain injury who required intensive traumatic brain/neuro rehab. No rehab would take him due to finances. He had been a hit and run. By doing hours of research, she found a Michigan law that stated hit and run victims rehabilitation care would be covered by Michigan motor vehicle insurance companies and she set it all up. Soon the patient was getting the care he needed and the patient and the hospital saved thousands.

2. She saw a two-line blurb in the local paper about a new federal law for WWII vets and Korean War vets. She went to the information seminar on her own time and learned that the Federal Government would pay for assisted living and home health care workers for those veterans and their wives. This was a little-known and barely advertised benefit. Now, many of our patients enjoy that benefit because of her dedication.

Cathy is such a valuable member of our SICU/Trauma team. We could not be as successful helping our patients without her. She works so hard and thinks nothing of it.