Catherine Enenbach

Catherine Enenbach

Catherine Enenbach, BSN, RN

Labor and Delivery
Nebraska Methodist Hospital and Methodist Women's Hospital
Omaha, Nebraska
United States
Catherine guided us every step of the way, kept us calm when we felt like freaking out and assured us that we were going to be fine.

All the classes and all of the advice from those that have been through it before don't begin to describe the feelings, emotions, and wonder that are present when you become a parent.

We were first examined by you, to make sure that her water really had broken and that it really was the time for our baby to come. Right from the start, you were amazing and everything two scared, first-time parents could have hoped for. You guided us every step of the way, kept us calm when we felt like freaking out and assured us that we were going to be fine.

At the end of your shift on Thursday you passed us off to Brittany and just like you said she would be, Brittany was amazing for us overnight, she kept us safe and comforted until you came back the next day. Before you left you said you would come visit us in the recovery room upstairs so you could meet our baby. Little did we know that instead, you would be present for the birth halfway through your shift the next day!

Nurses such as yourself are the ones doing most of the work during a labor and delivery. You are the one with the patients, taking care of them and doing the dirty work. Doctors swoop in at the end but you're there constantly. You made us feel like we were your whole world and for that, we are eternally grateful.

That day was probably typical for you, I'm sure you've been a part of thousands of births and we were nothing special to you, but to us, you were a Godsend. We probably weren't the easiest to work with but you were unfailingly patient and kind to us.

To say "thank you" is appropriate, but feels wholly inadequate to express how we truly feel. But words are all I have so here it goes.

Thank you for being patient., Thank you for being kind. Thank you for being understanding, Thank you for being calm. Thank you for being helpful. Thank you for being gentle. Thank you for taking the time to make us comfortable. Thank you for putting us at ease. Thank you for reassuring us. Thank you for being there when two first time, scared, soon to be parents walked in. Thank you for being you. Thank you for keeping my wife safe. Thank you for giving me, my son.

While we don't know you we knew your heart, and it is a heart of love, compassion, and caring. Someday we hope to have another child and God willing, we hope you are there with us again.

Forever thankful, forever in your debt.