Catherine Durkin

Catherine Durkin, RN

Maternal Newborn Unit
Fort Wainwright, Alaska
United States grandson was born here at BACH. During the whole process (roughly 20 hours of labor), the Nurses were so very supportive and caring it amazed my daughter. However, one nurse in particular was AMAZING and her name is Catherine Durkin.

The day after baby was born the Nurses discovered a possible abnormality under his hair on his scalp. The Nurses immediately called the Pediatrician and after consultation and some prompting (from the Nurses) they decided to order an MRI. Needless to say, my daughter was an emotional mess, however Catherine was right there to ease her anxiety and worries and to answer any questions she had from looking up the issue. Once baby, mother and the Nurse arrived at FMH; they encountered a fairly hostile administrative clerk asking why they were at FMH. FMH did not know baby was coming for MRI, demanded paperwork, etc..., etc. Catherine defused a possible volatile situation between the FMH clerk and my Son-in-law without insulting or making either party feel slighted.

She not only took care of baby and mother for over four hours while they conducted the testing, not once showing frustration or self-concern. Once the procedure was finally complete, on the way back to BACH, a mechanical error occurred with the litter once loaded into the ambulance. It came loose while driving and Catherine (who is pregnant) jumped up and stabilized the incubator and blocked the litter at the same time keeping it from slamming into the wall and also slamming into my daughter. Not only did she protect baby, but also his mother, with no thought of injuring herself or her unborn child. She acted on instinct with no regard for her own safety; the only thing on her mind was the safety of my daughter and her newborn son.

In my family's eyes, Catherine Durkin is the embodiment of the Nurses Creed. Her selfless service, extraordinary act of compassion, and courage truly made a difference in my daughter's experience at BACH.