Catherine Baker

Catherine Baker, RN

Los Angeles, California
United States

We are daughters of your patient, age 92. Our mother entered the unit angry and confused with symptoms of dementia. She was verbally and physically lashing out and anyone that would care for her would be reprimanded for hurting her. She felt like an enraged animal locked up and held against her will. She was also furious with us, her daughters for doing this to her.
Cathy Baker was able to speak to our mom in a respectful manner and recognized her needs even when we were unable to do so ourselves. Cathy reassured us by explaining that Mom’s behavior would improve over time. Cathy helped us understand the different levels of dementia. We would like to express our gratitude to Cathy because we were always welcomed by her smile and easy manner. She always reassured us and allowed us to be part of our mother’s care and healing. We feel so grateful to Cathy for being there, not just to reassure us, but to put our minds at ease each time we knew she would be mom’s nurse. With hearts full of appreciation, we thank you.