Catherine Astelle

Catherine Astelle, LPN

VA Southern Oregon Rehabilitation Center and Clinics
White City, Oregon
United States

Catherine provides consistent, compassionate and effective care for our Veterans. She is incredibly conscientious about the patient care she gives and works tirelessly keeping a department running smoothly with only a part time provider. She organizes all the referrals, works on the back log of cases, audits charts and manages to keep a smile on her face. As I waited one day to speak with her, I over heard her dealing with a very cranky veteran who was reading her the riot act about having to wait so long for an appointment. She very gently explained to him the way she was going to take care of him and what she was doing for him now instead of focusing on what "didn't happen" she focused on what was "going" to happen for him. She was able to relate to him on a very personal level and validate his frustrations, to which the gentleman broke down tearfully and apologized to her. Instead of accepting his apology, she apologized to him, saying how grateful she was for his service to our country and how sorry she was that there wasn't more she could do for him in a quicker manner. Catherine is a wonderful example of what compassion can look like, even in difficult and pressing times.