Catherine Albecker

Cathy Albecker

Catherine Albecker, RN

Family Medicine Clinic
University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System
Chicago, Illinois
United States
She has helped me expedite referrals for PT to helping me with my stress levels when I return to work.

I was having corrective knee surgery and there were some challenges with me returning home without anyone to help me.  When I got home I was set up with physical therapy to come to the home for 2 days a week for three weeks. Within the 1st day I was having problems with the pain meds that were prescribed which had me very disoriented. I tried calling the orthopedic office and my primary office to get a change of medication. I kept getting call backs that were not being answered by me for unknown reasons. The message always stated to call the general number so, in essence we were playing phone tag. I received a call and I actually was able to answer it myself and it was Cathy she said "I will be your nurse care coordinator". I smiled because I had given up on getting someone to help me. From that first conversation I knew help was on the way.

I live far from the clinic and it was a chore within itself navigating through what insurance coverage I had for my area. Cathy put her cape on and began tending to my needs. During the course of my rehab I developed an infection around my wound. Cathy was able to make appointments for me to be seen and was able to move future appointments up so I could make one trip into Chicago instead of several within one week. Cathy found a supplier in my area for my cpap machine. I've even received a call from one of the nurses from the clinic in regards to Cathy and her concerns for my knee infection. That nurse was so impressed by Cathy’s concerns that I been seen as soon as possible for this infection. The nurse stated to me that Cathy had called her and was informing her of the infection I had developed around the area of the surgery site and I needed to be seen as soon as possible. I said “Wow even her peers are singing her praises!” As a result of the phone call that Cathy made I was admitted a second time for treatment and 24-hour observation.

Cathy and I still talk as I head back to work and she is still concerned if my blood pressure is okay and if I am healing properly. She has helped me expedite referrals for PT to helping me with my stress levels when I return to work. Cathy and I have found time to talk about the fall colors and places to visit during the fall season that are in my area. I truly believe she is an angel as she was sent truly in a time of need. I could always look forward to Cathy's morning phone call to find out how I am feeling.  I really don't know how my recovery would have gone had it not been for my caring nurse, Cathy Albecker.