Casey Bradbury

Casey Bradbury

Casey Bradbury, RN

Indiana University Health Ball Memorial Hospital
Muncie, Indiana
United States

Sadly, my mother passed away Monday, February 10th in the ICU Unit at Ball. She was admitted to this floor on the 7th. I wanted to express the wonderful care my mother and my family received from all staff during this stressful time. There is one person in particular I would like to notice. Her name is Casey Bradbury.

We were lucky that Casey was working several days in a row and was mom's nurse on day shift everyday she was there. Casey was the cutest little thing, so patient, kind, and caring. Casey was always willing to answer questions, not only answer, but explain, no matter how many times the same question was asked. And believe me, between me, my three sisters, and all the grandchildren, mom's brother and sister, the same questions were asked over and over! Casey always asked if we needed anything, and if we did, she supplied it. Although my mother was sedated, Casey spoke to her so gently and explained to her everything she was doing. Casey apologized to mom whenever she new the procedure might be uncomfortable to her. Treated my mom like I know she would have treated her own.

Casey would join in on our family conversations as if she was part of the family, and put a smile on our faces multiple times, and during this time, a smile was hard to come by. On Monday evening, around 7 p.m., Casey came in to round with the nurse coming on night shift. I gave Casey a hug and thanked her for everything she had done. We both knew we would not be seeing each other the next day.

Around 7:30 p.m. my mom took her last breath. As we all stood around her bed crying, who walked in, Casey! While she gave each of us a hug, she said "I just couldn't leave you guys." There she was, staying after, to be with us, when I know she had two young sons and a husband to get home to. Casey expressed to us what a "blessing" it had been for her to care for our mother. And this is why she had decided to become a nurse. And I'm so glad she did!!

My 16 year old daughter, who was the apple of my mother's eye, was sitting in the corner crying, and Casey went over and sat with her and said, "I lost my grandmother when I was 12 years old. I know how hard this is for you. But what helped me through was knowing that instead of being able talk or be with her every once in a while, you can now talk to her every day and she is with you every day." You do not know how much that has helped my daughter get through this horrible time. (We just lost my husband's mother January 24th, two grandmothers in two weeks was hard for her to handle.)

Casey told us that she would be taking care of mom and would be with her until she left the facility. It was comforting to know this. And I'm sure Casey treated her with the same compassion in death as she did in life.

Please let Casey know how much my family appreciated her patience with us and the gentleness and kindness she showed our mother.