Casee Kelly

Casee Kelly, RN

Casee Kelly, RN

5 East/PCU
Harbor-UCLA Medical Center
Torrance, California
United States
Ms. Kelly’s dedication and commitment to nursing was above and beyond with this special contribution that she accomplished for this family.

Casee Kelly was assigned to a very challenging patient and his remaining immediate family member is his father who is also his primary/sole care giver.  On this day, Ms. Kelly observed her patient to be crying; she was informed that the patient’s father was admitted in our facility’s intensive care unit (CCU).  Ms. Kelly’s reaction was empathy.  She tried her very best to pacify him by providing assurance that she will accompany him to his father’s bedside at the end of her shift.  She would have collaborated with the social worker but because she wanted to do it herself, she chose not to.  As the day went by, Ms. Kelly’s room assignment was becoming hectic but she was still determined and compelled to keep her commitment with the patient.  Empathy and commitment persisted thus she went ahead and volunteered to accompany and transport her patient to CCU to visit his critically ill father after receiving a physician’s clearance that he can be off the unit for this purpose.

As she prepared him for the trip to CCU, she described him as very happy and that big smile surfaced on his face; the eagerness and excitement were obvious because his desire to be with his father will soon become a reality.  Ms. Kelly demonstrated a very positive attitude, volunteering her own precious and dedicated time.  Thus after their working hours and after a very hectic room assignment, she voluntarily transported him to CCU with the patient via wheelchair, attached to a portable cardiac monitor.  Ms. Kelly possessed an aura of excitement and determination to witness the togetherness of the father and son.

Ms. Kelly’s gesture was greatly and happily appreciated by the patient and his father.  The patient spent almost 30 minutes at the bedside of his ill father; they held each other’s hands wishing each other that all will be well for both of them.  According to Ms. Kelly, they both appeared to be really very satisfied with each other’s presence.  Ms. Kelly had to extend her hours in the unit to complete her nursing documentation and consult further with the social worker.  According to her, her contribution to this family was a very satisfying and rewarding experience and she will treasure this precious moment as long as she lives.

Ms. Kelly’s dedication and commitment to nursing was above and beyond with this special contribution that she accomplished for this family.  She exemplifies the kind of registered nurse that the patients and families as well as the Harbor-UCLA health care team recognizes as outstanding role model.  Her action is an inspiration that shared compassion and empathy.