August 2020
Mother/Baby & Labor/Delivery
Hackensack Meridian Health - Pascack Valley Medical Center
United States




Caryn is a special breed of her own. In October, I lost a pregnancy at 17 weeks. When I went to the MFM for my follow-up, I was greeted with a long and hard hug from Caryn. We sat together for probably 10 minutes and she just listened. At that moment, it became clear that she was more than just an extraordinary nurse.

Fast forward to now and I am pregnant again under MFM care. In the very beginning, I went to MFM for my first visit, and Caryn could tell I was anxious after everything that had happened. Her words to me were, "J, we're going to do this together". Caryn has stuck by her word for the last 12 weeks. She more than cares about my health, my blood pressure logs, my resolving bleed....she cares about me. She cares about supporting me through anxious moments, and joyful ones.

I truly feel that, along with my husband, mom, and best friend, Caryn is my partner in this pregnancy. She is a nurse, an advocate, a confidant, a friend. I appreciate her more than I could ever express, and I truly believe her when she says, "we're in this together". There is nobody more deserving of this very special recognition than Caryn Bart.