Carrie Wood

Carrie Wood

Carrie Wood, RN

Labor and Delivery
Madison Memorial Hospital
Rexburg, Idaho
United States
When Carrie's shift ended, we hugged, and both started crying.

Carrie was an ANGEL during my delivery and I'm so so grateful she was assigned to our room. She was the sweetest, most encouraging person throughout the experience and probably the sole reason my delivery went so smoothly. I'm not sure why Carrie and I connected as we did, but she felt like a dear friend by the end of the day and I was sad to see her go. She told us that at one point during her shift she was told to change rooms and she refused because she had to stay and see my baby born. She was also determined that I give birth before her shift ended at 6 pm, because, again, she just wanted to see me have my daughter (and luckily that happened). When her shift ended, we hugged, and both started crying. She said it had been a long time since she had cried after a delivery but for some reason, we had connected to the point that emotions ran that high.

2 days later, she just happened to see my husband coming up from the cafeteria and was able to stop by and see me and the baby. We were both so happy that she was able to come to see us before we checked out of the hospital. She even remembered the exact time my girl was born!

Long story short, Carrie was the best thing that could have happened to us during our labor and delivery. I can’t say enough good things about her; she deserves every praise available to her. I'm just so grateful for her and the experience she allowed us to have.