Carrie Mukherjee

Carrie Mukherjee, RN

Transplant Floor
Methodist University Hospital
Memphis, Tennessee
United States

When rounding on patients last week, I observed Carrie Mukherjee RN hugging a crying associate from another department. I kept doing observation on unit for hand hygiene and just listened. The associate was crying in pain as well as one of her family members had just been involved in a tragedy. Carrie took it upon herself to not only take care of her patients and needs but told the associate to go back to her department and ask to go home related to the tragedy in her family. Carrie looked around –don’t know if it was to see if anyone was watching (but I was) and she took the patients meals in room by room by room down the hall of 10 East –she made sure the right patient got the right diet and cheerfully greeted each one not only meeting their nutritional needs but emotional also.
She never once complained , she only stopped to tell the associate she hoped things got better and hugged her.

Then on Friday 02/04/11, there was a water leak on 10 East compromising immunosuppressed patients putting them at risk for infection such as pseudomonas and aspergillus. Infection prevention of course ordered total floor evacuation to ensure patient safety. Carrie’s shift was over at 1300 but she immediately rushed over to help the CNO, ADS, CDs, RNs etc evacuate the patients to other floors where they would not have water dripping in their rooms or even be exposed to infection—she stayed over several hours to help ensure that the patients were evacuated and placed safely. This was going above and beyond the call of duty again.

Please accept this nomination for Carrie Mukherjee for the DAISY Award for her compassion and competency in caring for patients first and then other associates as well.
She is MOST deserving of this award!