Carrie Mileski

Carrie Mileski, RN

Wound Center
Aurora BayCare Medical Center
Green Bay, Wisconsin
United States

I nominate Carrie Mileski, RN as a deserving recipient of your DAISY Award. Carrie has shown above average efforts in helping my patients. I had two bariatric patients that had open wounds that required wound VACs to be placed. In both cases, we were trying to work with a wound clinic in another city that has, in past, been challenging to work with. Carrie who works in our wound center has worked with these patients and she has bent over backwards being available in her off hours, make multiple phone calls and made herself available at every step of the way in order to coordinate care for these patients, and filled in the services where others could not.

Throughout her efforts in aiding these patients, Carrie showed enthusiasm, complete cooperativeness, and affability which made this entire process which could have been a completely frustrating experience for our patients, into a very happy and positive experience. She demonstrated excellent skills in taking care of the wounds and applying the wound VACs, and she has also shown great skill in obtaining authorization forms from insurance plans in very minimal time.

All too often when there is a situation where help is needed in a very short amount of time in a difficult situation, the answer usually is “it will have to wait,” in these cases, Nurse Mileski made things happen in the way that is desired with nothing but a smile and offer to help in any way possible. She is truly an asset to your organization and is an excellent nurse!