Carrie Blanchard

Carrie Blanchard, RN, BSN

Labor and Delivery Nursery
Bayfront Health St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg, Florida
United States
Carrie was compassionate, kind, supportive, and treated me with humanity, dignity, and respect.

First of all, all the other staff (MD, RN, etc) at the bedside in the OR pre-operative area before my C section were so excited and raved about Carrie when they heard she was the nursery nurse on duty.

When I met her in the OR, she was beyond kind and supportive. She introduced herself and her role. She listened to my fears and my wishes and validated them. Her upbeat energy and positive attitude were infectious! It was so nice to have someone like her in the OR with me.

Before the C section, Carrie was reassuring and I felt confident in her ability to resuscitate my baby if that were to be necessary. After my baby was born, she kept me up to date with what was happening and how the baby was doing. She provided me with much comfort and reassurance. The entire time, she had a smile on her face (with her eyes since she was wearing a mask). She made me feel calm and excited even though I was terrified and in significant pain during the procedure.

In the post-operative area, she did a phenomenal job with her assessment, physician exam, vital signs, and treatments (vitamin K injection) of my baby. She even made a hat with a bow for my daughter. She went above and beyond in her role as a nursery nurse for both my daughter and me. She treated us as individuals and whole patients and not as another number or procedure. She was the kind of person you would want to have with you during a procedure. She was compassionate, kind, supportive, and treated me with humanity, dignity, and respect. I felt heard, listened to, and cared for. She was extraordinary. I feel so fortunate to have had her as our nursery nurse during my C section - she made the entire experience a positive one! I will never forget her and the role she played during this terrifying and exciting time of my life. Any patient (baby and mama) are so lucky to have her as their nurse! Thank you for being there and all your care, smiles, compassion, and kindness - it means the world to me.

Thank you, Superstar Carrie!