Carrie Barnhart

Carrie Barnhart

Carrie Barnhart, BSN, RN, CHTC

Transplant Department
Carolinas Medical Center and Levine Children's Hospital - Charlotte
Charlotte, North Carolina
United States

Carrie has shown compassionate care to the patients, families and staff as evidenced by some of the examples listed below.

One of Carries patient's Father was having problems getting from the airport to the hospital in time for the patient's procedure. Carrie drove to the airport and brought him to the hospital so he could be with his daughter.

For another patient who called in with a fever, she drove to the Ronald McDonald House and brought them in for treatment so they would not have to take public transportation.

Upon the wish of a patient and at the family's request, she spoke at the patient's funeral.

She coordinated a meeting and planned a celebration between a patient and her stem cell donor.

A patient was admitted on her birthday; Carrie went out and bought a birthday cake for her.

When a child was upset because her first transfusion wasn't working, she talked with her and took her for a special treat. The child felt much better after this.

Thank you, Carrie for your caring, commitment and dedication to those you care for!