Carolyn Fletcher

Carolyn Fletcher

Carolyn Fletcher, RN

Critical Care Unit
Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center
Fountain Valley, California
United States

Carolyn took care of my mother in ICU and was the perfect nurse for my mother. As she came to offer intubation, Carolyn was very patient, soft spoken, and willing to listen to mother's concerns and stories. Mother is a storyteller! Carolyn showed interest in my mother and the stories of her family. My mother liked this especially as she bragged about her grandchildren.

One evening some of the grandchildren were in the room singing some old hymns to their grandmother, Carolyn was very supportive and she shared in the inspiration of the moment with encouraging words and a smile. Carolyn's overall graciousness and kindness blessed my mother and our family.

Thank you Carolyn, and yes, you mastered, "The Tent". (she'll understand this). God Bless you Carolyn!