Carolyn Caldwell

Carolyn "CJ" Caldwell

Carolyn Caldwell, RN

Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa Medical Center
Santa Rosa, California
United States

My husband was in the ICU in the exemplary care of CJ for two sequential 12-hour shifts 2 days in a row. She was very present and very incredible at helping us through the time we decided to elect Hospice care. She made me feel not alone when I had the worst day I've had in my life so far, that we're not going to another floor and go home to have more time together, but we are going home to transition the best man I've ever known from his pain and suffering more comfortable for him. We felt her. We respected her. We learned from her. We're better for having met her. She met all five areas of recognition and she has "A Healer's Touch" and deserves to know that even in our immense heartbreak, she was our light.