August 2020
Pulmonary General Peds
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
United States




Carolyn has been so thoughtful and careful with our eight-month-old daughter. She is always seen with a smile on her face and it showed even through the mask. Carolyn pays attention to the small details and is even one step ahead of us. Even though (our baby) was just one of many patients that Carolyn cared for, she acted like she was the only one. As a parent with a baby with a lot of complex issues, it really means a lot to us. We're so thankful and grateful for Carolyn's care of hard work. I'm sure it is not easy to be working in the midst of COVID-19. Carolyn cares for (our baby) as if life was normal. Not only did she focus on (baby), she looked out for me and my husband during our stay. Every morning, she would ask if I ate anything and that I should go to eat something. It seems like nothing, but that shows just how much she cares and goes the extra mile for her patients and family members. We hope she gets the recognition for her hard work. She is an amazing and special nurse. We were so glad to have her as our baby's nurse. Thank you, Carolyn! Love, the Family