Carolina "Kiki" Jones and Carleigh Hilman

Carleigh and Kiki

Carolina "Kiki" Jones and Carleigh Hilman, RN

Emergency Department
Tampa General Hospital
Tampa, Florida
United States
Kiki and Carleigh had taken an active interest in my wife even after she left the ER and continued to monitor her situation and treatment plan for the next 24 hours.

I nominate Carleigh (ER Charge Nurse) and Carolina "Kiki" Jones (ER Clinician) as deserving recipients of the DAISY award.

I received a frantic call from my wife on Wednesday. We had just been to the ER the night before and were seen by her OBGYN that morning as a follow-up. On the phone, my wife said ‘I know we were just at the ER, but something is wrong. My left leg hurts really bad and it’s now double the size of my right leg. I’m scared.’  I told her I was on my way and thankfully her co-worker helped to stabilize the situation and provided her with a wheelchair to the street when I pulled up. We went straight to Tampa General Hospital because I was impressed with the standard of care from the ER there.

Upon admission to the ER and shortly after the initial triage, Kiki was the first nurse we met. She ensured my wife felt valued, protected, and prioritized as a patient. Thanks to her exceptional ‘on the spot’ decision making, she was able to have us seen by lab-work before the initial consultation with the ER medical team since it would take about an hour for the bloodwork results to come back anyway. This increase in efficiency decreased our stress knowing that we would be able to have as much information as possible for the medical team during the initial consultation, ensuring a more accurate and effective diagnosis. Her outstanding program management is a testament to the TGH team.

In the emergency room, Carleigh was nothing short of exceptional. Her bedside manner is professional, respectful and competent. She was always accommodating other departments as they came to conduct their various tests and always kept us aware of the next steps and what to expect. It seemed she would offer us relief in the form of medication, hydration or food to us before we would even ask for it. Her exemplary execution of her duties reduced our stress and we felt that our concerns were addressed immediately and to our satisfaction.

My wife is 29 weeks pregnant and you can imagine our trepidation when the ER doctor stated that she has multiple blood clots in her left leg. Again, Carleigh rapidly executed the doctor’s orders, coordinating additional department diagnostic and sonogram visits and communicating to the various teams effectively to administer the Lovenox, a life-saving injection.

In a personal expression of gratitude, I visited both Kiki and Carleigh this afternoon to thank them for their dedication and service. Both had taken an active interest in my wife even after she left the ER and continued to monitor her situation and treatment plan for the next 24 hours. This level of compassion impressed me more than words could ever convey, and I consider them my wife’s guardian angels.