Carole Du Pertuis

Carole Du Pertuis, RN

Outpatient Surgery
Saint Agnes Medical Center
Fresno, California
United States

Carole Du Pertuis, RN, Outpatient Surgery North is being honored for her kindness … on and off the clock.

“She didn’t treat me like a number, she treated me like a human, a friend, and I thank her for that!”

Waiting for surgery, the patient became nervous about her time under anesthesia.
She asked Carole to pray with her. And that’s exactly what she did.

“After she finished praying, I felt God’s peace wash over me.”

Carole was also very attentive to the family members – explaining details they needed to know for her recovery. Carole’s kindness didn’t stop there. The day after surgery, the patient had a doctor’s
appointment near the hospital. Just as she pulled up, Carole was in her car leaving
work, but she stopped to help the patient get where she needed to go.

“Carole is a true example of what a nurse should be like.”

Congratulations, Carole!