Carol Day

Carol Day

Carol Day, BSN, RN

Orthopedic Clinic
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre
Riyadh, Ar Riyad
Saudi Arabia
Carol is able to skillfully manage difficult and emotionally challenging conversation.

Carol Day’s contributions in the orthopedic unit to drive practice change are invaluable. She is bright and a great problem solver. She is able to foresee potential problems and is proactive at dealing with them before it becomes an issue. She is dedicated to and genuinely loves her job. She goes the extra mile to assure success of our services and patient satisfaction.

For example, she took the lead for our morning huddles where everyone is given an opportunity to share information in their daily work and to share things to work on; she is really active on this and even supported other ambulatory unit in giving in-services on how to take effective morning huddles. She does the documentation for huddles as well and addresses ways to improve it. I believed that what she does in her daily task is with compassion and commitment to the nursing practice.

Carol, being a charge nurse in the unit gained high respect from her colleagues, with her effective communication skills and ability to deal challenging issues in the unit in any given situation puts her to be on top, much appreciated by her co-staff as well as her patients. She inspires every staff for her dedication working as a charge nurse and now currently mentoring 2 Saudi staff nurses to be in the charge nurse role. She is a person with a continuous thirst for knowledge who will actively seek learning opportunities throughout her life and career. She continually reinforces her strong knowledge base by sharing it with others. She is active as well in participating unit/organizational activities; she shares her knowledge and skills in interviewing new staff applicants in the unit. Being the UBC Co-Chairman this 2016 a swell, I know that she can do more and bring the best in our unit.

Carol has excellent clinical skills. Not only that she is technically capable, she also has the people skills to explain to her patients what she is doing and why, helping them to be more comfortable. She listens to their concerns and compassionately addresses them. She is able to skillfully manage difficult and emotionally challenging conversation. We have received feedback from patients and families, colleagues and other staff thanking her for her compassion and caring.

Carol makes my job easier. More importantly, she makes a powerful, powerful positive difference in the lives of our patients, their families and all of her co-workers.