Carol Craft

Carol Craft, RN

Cardiology and Internal Medicine, Tacoma Specialty Center
Group Health Tacoma Medical Center
Tacoma, Washington
United States

Carol has been integral in establishing and maintaining a collaborative relationship with key departments over the last 5 years, in order to provide care to high risk patients and decrease the cost of ER and hospital admissions. She demonstrates a positive attitude, is well respected by her peers and clinic staff, and is a key nurse that staff seeks out for her assessment and decision making skills. She received a consistently Exceeds on her 2012 performance and development plan.
As a skilled nurse with Cardiology Conditions, many patients who had events in the building where codes were called or a consult was requested, the patient received direct care from her. As an RN in the Cardiology Clinic she has developed skills and knowledge to facilitate the daily operations of Cardiology and Consultative Internal Medicine which takes into consideration, Ambulatory Surgery Center, Radiology, Urgent Care, Off site Internal Medicine clinics, and Infusion Therapy Clinic operations and staff.
She has demonstrated very good interpersonal skills in managing complicated staff conflict, patient complaints, and has had to step up when behaviors were not productive or following the Group Health expectations with close colleagues.
She has helped develop work bench patient tracking tools for high risk medications such as Amiodorone. She has helped develop Cardiology nursing protocols for multiple cardiac studies.
All of what has been described could be a typical role of a high functioning RN, and this is precisely why she deserves this award. To sustain this behavior over a 5 year period with consistent engagement and improvement is something worth recognizing.